PassBack Challenge

OBJECT: Stand a minimum of 5 yards (15 feet) from a brick or concrete wall and throw the PassBack football as many times as possible in 1 minute.  You must catch it to count it.  The minute starts with the impact of the ball against the wall the first time.  Sounds easy, right? Wrong! it is difficult and strenuous! Give it a try! Currently this is a game based on the honor system. Grab a friend who will time your performance, find a wall and start throwing spirals. If your score ranks in the top 50 send an email to PassBack and we will post your name and score on this page. Be sure to include a comment.  Don't have a PassBack? Buy one today to enter the challenge.  One dropped pass can cost you a level.

Look for the "PassBack - Two minute drill".  A two minute grueling game of skill and endurance!  This game is only for the serious and seriously fit to compete.  We will begin posting results when the demand is apparent.

Skill Levels

7   - 11   Guppy  (Donít laugh you may find yourself here your first time)
12 - 16  
Jr. Player  (Harder than you thought!)
17 - 21  
Backup  (You're getting the idea)
21 - 25  
Player  (You've got skills)
26 - 29  
Starter  (You've got a quick release and capable hands for catching)
30 - 32  
Pro Player  (You're a master with good hands and rapid reflexes!)
33 - 34  
Allstar  (You've got excellent hands and a laser quick release)
35 - 36   
Super Star  (You've perfected the catch and the accurate laser quick release)
37 +       
MVP (Get an agent, you've got a cannon! An ABSOLUTE MONSTER!)

PassBack Challengers

Name / age Level Location Comment
Mike Peterson / 42 Guppy (8) Spokane, WA Best QB that I've ever worked with
Kerry Ancheta / 31 Guppy (9) NYC I need to take lessons from Kyzel
Joe Pen / 38 Guppy (11) Seattle, WA I'm a cowboy fan
Larry Stefonic / 35 Jr. Player (14) Seattle, WA I'll be back
Tristan Weeks / 17 Jr. Player (16) Spokane, WA I got a bit tired after about 40 seconds
Ed Juline / 34 Player (22) Raleigh, NC I'll be back
Chase Gillmore / 13 Player (22) Mission Viejo, CA GO BRONCOS
Nicholas Hart / 13 Player (24) Spokane, WA Better than Jackass the movie
Jasen Presley / 18 Starter (28) Spokane, WA I need to work on my throw
Craig Hart / 41 Starter (28) Spokane, WA Better than work any day
Eddie Kyzel / 42 Pro Player (31) NYC It is much harder than I had anticipated
Warren Presley / 16 Pro Player (32) Spokane, WA Did Jeff Flynn really get 34?
Jeff Flynn / 32 Allstar (34) Atlanta, GA I'll rest for a week and will be back
Mark Weber / 35 MVP (41) Lafayette, LA What's the best?  I want to beat it!