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"My name is Bobby. I am 19 year old from Long Island New York, who has been a proud owner of a Passback football for several years now. Your brilliance has given me the opportunity to invent a game that has brought me and my friends hours of intense fun in my backyard. I have named the game "Chimney Football" and it has become my favorite pastime. I invented the game when I was in 8th grade. I am now a sophomore in college and still play it more then ever. Me and my friends can be out there for hours. The game is extremely complex and cannot be explained in a short period of time. I have typed up the rules for referencing and it has come out to 4 pages single spaced. The game take strength, agility and stamina in order to be successful. But no matter how old I get, the game never loses its intensity. When we are losing, my friends and I have experienced genuine frustration. When we are making a comeback, my friends and I experience the most sincere rush of adrenaline . When we win, you'd think we just won the Super Bowl. The energy and emotions that come along with the game cannot possibly be explained in a quick e-mail. The game has brought joy to everyone that I share it with and it couldn’t have been so if not for your Passback football. I thank you with everything I have for coming up with such a great ball. To show my thanks, my friends and I would like to make you the official commissioner of "Chimney Football." I have just bought a six pack of Passback footballs to ensure that the game will continue. With the amount that we play, a ball normally doesn't last more then 5 or 6 months. But I wouldn't change a thing. The Passback football is by far the best thing that ever happened to the football. It is amazing to think of all the games people are probably inventing and loving just as much as I love mine. It's all thanks to you Commissioner McGonigle. Every time we play, we owe our fun to you and the Passback football."

Bobby , Oceanside, NY

"I found this Nerf Football ball several years ago at Toys-R-Us.  It has been a favorite of my son's.  I have given it as a gift to several of his friends and cousins in the past.  Every year I would try to get him a new one and I began to notice that the toy stores had stopped selling them in my area.  Nobody I spoke to had any idea where I could find it.  This year, I decided to try to find it over the Internet if they were still available anywhere and thinking that they were no longer manufactured, I was really thrilled to find them. 

Not only does my son enjoy throwing it against his net for extra practice, my Golden Retriever loves playing with them as well.  Your product has brought years of enjoyment for my family.  Thank you for still having it available.  Now that I know where to purchase them, I will pass this along to my friends. "

- Pam, Fairfax Station, VA

"I am 40 yrs old and I have been working out with a PassBack for over a year, I LOVE IT ! Every day at work, I put on my cleats during lunch and go to work baby, E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y, If ya can't run with the BIG DAWGS, STAY ON THE PORCH, RIGHT? I wish the PassBack was just a little bigger, but man it rules, I will be ordering a lot more.
Catzilla says GET SOME !!!!!  Take Care,Catzilla !"
- Eddie Quinn, Charlotte, NC

"Hello!,  I am so excited that I found this football.  My son loves it!  It keeps kids occupied game after game.   When they are tired of football they play another game with it, Wallball!  It's two toys in one.  It is so awesome.  Have a very Merry Christams!"
- Tammy, Baton Rouge, LA

"Howdy, Can't wait to get my passback footballs.  Word of mouth has nothing to do with it.  It's the ball, man!  This all started for me, when I went to a friends house to watch Notre Dame vs. USC.   As ND got pummeled, we turned our attention to amusing ourselves in other ways.  Tim brought out a PassBack and we started throwing the ball around in his living room.  He commented on it's ability to spiral on almost all throws. I said no way!  Well he proved me wrong on that point and then brought in his 5 year old son to drive the point home.  Kyle was throwing like Brett Farve, well.... not as hard, but very good spiral passes for a 5 year old. Then, Tim throws the ball against the wall of his living room, and  boom! back it comes... In a spiral no less!  I was amazed!  I said to myself, I have got to find this ball.  First I tried going to all the retail outlets near and far from where I live... No Luck.  Then it was a google search, Nirvana!  I found the passback.net website and the rest is history.  My order was filled in minutes and in the mail within hours!
Thank You very much.  You have made one child very happy, but I plan on playing with mine too..........
- Michael Erickson  Madison, WI Go-Badgers-Go !!!!!!!

"PassBack is the best training device available for anyone that touches the football.  We would use it to improve hand eye coordination and the results were absolutely amazing."
- Mike Haptonstall (football coach), Newport, WA

"I know my husband is gonna love it!  Have a great Christmas"
- Sara, Olathe, Kansas (repeat customer)

"This is my third order.  I think they're awesome.  We're telling everyone about them" - Courtney, Spokane, WA

Dear Sir or Ms.
We were so happy to find your passback site on the internet.  Our 10 year old son got a Nerf PassBack football a couple of years ago at Target.  He has enjoyed it and cared for it until one night recently when it was left out over night and the neighbors dog chewed on it.  We checked at Target and Wal-Mart and were sad to learn that they no longer carried your fine product.  Please send Matthew his much desired replacement.
Mom Cindy
Jacksonville, Florida

"Absolutely amazing football, genius invention"
- Jim Keeter, Bellevue, Washington

"The best thing to ever happen to the football"
- Edward Kyzel, New York City

"My 9 year old son Ricardo won't let the ball out of his sight.  His throwing improves daily.  It is great to watch." 
- Keith Barbour - Clearwater, Florida

"These are the best balls ever!  Glad to see them back." 
- Jeff Flynn Jr. - Atlanta, Georgia

"My boy had the original Nerf PassBack football.  He wore it out.  He loved it, that is why I ordered a 6-Pack.  I was searching the web and was elated to find that you were selling the ball.  I may order more for Christmas presents.  Thanks a lot." 
- Mark - Midland, Michigan

"Our 10 year old son sleeps with his PassBack.  It's a great ball - Thanks"
- Dan Schmidt - Seattle, Washington

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