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About FatSideForward

FatSideForward is a small company based in Washington state that is committed to providing the best half footballs possible.  FatSideForward owns the patent and controls manufacturing, distribution, sales and licensing rights of the �PassBack� footballs.

Why the funny name? Let's face it ... the ball is odd shaped and initially the person passing the ball points the tip forward.  The company name was born after we found ourselves explaining over and over ..."no, no, always throw the PassBack with the fat side forward!"

The PassBack  which you see on this site is our first version.  Other versions are in the works.  These include a regulation size PassBack for training and rehabilitation purposes, balls displaying college (or other logos), and office versions as well.The first PassBack Football

Evolution of the PassBack Football

A pumpkin, that's how it all started.  While watching a football game at a friend�s home on Halloween 1993, �Inventor�, Mike McGonigle noticed this goofy looking pumpkin staring down at him.  The pumpkin�s wide smile seemed to be daring Mike to pick it up ... and pick it up he did.  Without giving it a second thought, Mike chucked it at the wall.  Lo and behold, it came back to him in a slight spiral.The modified Nerf Football

Mike returned home and began lopping his old nerf balls into flat footballs.  These, like the pumpkin, came spiraling back when he tossed them against a wall.  The PassBack was born.

Mike met Webb Nelson, a Seattle toy manufacturer and importer.  With Webb's help, a prototype was developed and put into limited circulation.  Webb had contacts at Hasbro, the manufacturer of Nerf products, and shared the story of Mike�s odd ball with them.  Hasbro's Nerf NFL Nerf ball Blastback - Pass Back FootballHasbro introduced the pass back Nerf football, sporting the NFL logo and their Turbo Blast-back name, a nerf ball.  Approximately 1 million balls were sold during their 2 � year licensing period.

Mike has now regained full patent rights and has established the company FatSideForward.  The PassBack is available for sale through FatSideForwad the home of The PassBack Footballspassback.net.  It will also be available at several football games around the U.S. this year.    Watch for PassBack demonstrations and promotional items at a game near you!!


To read more about Mike and his invention as published in the Seattle P-I click on the picture below.

The Half Football as seen in the Seattle Post Intelligencer

Nerf, Nerf football and Nerf ball are registered Trademarks of Hasbro Corporation - Footballs & Footballs


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