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Video Clips:

One Pass - Slow motion (450k) - DSL connection (9 seconds)

One Pass - Slow motion (216k) - Dial-up connection (31 seconds) / QuickTime formatted

One Pass - Slow motion (271k) - Dial-up connection (39 seconds)

4 Short Passes (338k) - DSL connection (7 Seconds) / Dial-up (48 seconds)

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bullet Perfect your throw while improving arm strength
bullet Improves hand eye coordination for both quarterbacks and receivers
bullet It comes back to you in a perfect spiral - No other football can make the same claim!
bullet Unlike a friend, the PassBack won�t tire of passing spirals back to you and it�s always available
bullet It�s just plain fun to throw � throw it easily 40-50 yards
bullet Look like a pro and make one handed catches
bullet It�s durable, it�s different, it�s DYN-O-MITE!

Helpful Hints:

bulletThrow it against a hard flat surface (preferably brick or concrete) with the fat side forward.
bulletAim for a target 6 to 12 inches above your head depending on the distance between you and the wall.
bulletDon't let your dog eat it.
bulletOne PassBack is never enough, order a six pack today!

Ball Specifications:

bullet7" long - 5" wide
bulletDurable high density foam rubber ensures the ball's longevity
bulletMuch more durable than a NERF ball

Has rebound ability up to 15 yards depending on arm strength


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